Why Marriage/Commitment is Helpful

Marriage is a microcosm of some of our must fundamental endeavors as a humanity.

One of the biggest things people want? To belong.

And one of the biggest things values codes and religions try to teach? How to get along with others. In addition to giving life meaning.  (Whether or not you practice a religion or spirituality, they have influenced culture and the nature of relationships – and ceremonies!)

A Marriage can represent all of this.

Accepting someone else in to relationship like this is a form of saying: “We belong.” We create a family together.

And it’s a commitment to getting along with each other. To finding ways to stay together through differences; to grow together.

And it’s a way to give meaning to life. Like what? The journey of exploring life in relationship can be a meaning of life we gain by getting married. Or the meaning of raising children. Or the meaning of loving ourselves and someone else. All of these “meanings” that can be assigned to life in marriage seem pretty worthwhile to me.

There are challenges in relationship. Differences of opinion. Differing rates of personal growth. And the list could go on. Just like there are challenges and differences between groups of people and between nations. The more we practice conscious relationship with our partner (or close friends, if we do not currently have a romantic partner), diving in to learning how to get along with each other, finding meaning of life together, reminding each other above all else that we are valuable human beings – that we belong – I believe the effects of this practice will filter out to our communities and nations.

These are the things I want to support by performing ceremonies that honor relationship and consciously launch couples into a journey of exploration and meaning – and love.