Nothing more Valuable than Presence

Is there anything more valuable than presence?

Actually BEING here. Experiencing life. Rather than experiencing what we “think” about life; what we think about the past; our future thinking…

Presence. It’s so fundamental. So easy to overlook.

And so important….

When I am present, I feel more alive because I’m actually experiencing life itself.

When I am present, I am expressing myself authentically.  And that feels fulfilling. (And I tend to feel more confident that my presence actually has value in the world.)

When I am present, I tend to be more grateful for life. I feel more compassionate to myself and others. And my actions/decisions tend to consider the impact not only on me but my community and the earth.

Presence is valuable. Perhaps it’s the foundation of what makes anything in life valuable.

At least that’s what I experience when I practice presence. Try practicing for yourself!

2 Replies to “Nothing more Valuable than Presence”

  1. so true but I find it difficult to be “present” too busy thinking. My brain is distracting hehe. At 51 both the past and the future occupy my head. I wish i could turn it off.

  2. So many of us wish we could “turn it off.” The teachers I follow suggest – don’t try turning it off, try noticing and letting go. Practice focusing your attention on something – be it your breath or whatever you are doing in the moment. When thoughts of the future come to mind, just say to yourself, “Ah, future” and go back to focusing on what’s now. Same with “Ah – past.” Or you could simplify it further with, “Ah – thinking.”

    It’s called “practice” for a reason. It takes time to create a new habit. And support can be helpful. Consider connecting with a meditation teacher in person or over the phone / skype for regular sessions. Often once a month is helpful for people. Best, Bob

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