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Readings: by Whom?

Who do we ask to do a reading?

Whoever you want. Sure, consider folks who you think will be comfortable speaking in front of others. But it is also an act of love to invite someone to be a part of your ceremony. So let that expression of caring trump how well you think someone will read.

Consider inviting folks from each side of the family to do a reading. Or choose a longer reading that can be split in half, with two people reading. Or, for adventurous folks, consider a back-and-forth reading between two people who take turns reading stanzas of a poem, for example. Certainly makes the experience more unusual and interesting!

To Read or Not To Read, and How Many?!

Readings can be a helpful addition to a wedding ceremony. I invite couples to consider choosing readings that:

  • represent some aspect of their relationship;
  • that inspire them; or
  • that they aspire to.

This widens the breadth of selections! I’ve had couples use passages from Dr. Seuss, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings. And beautifully representing their life and loves in this way.

So if you want to have a reading, make it mean something.

And if it’s two or three things that are meaningful to you, it’s likely to be meaningful and interesting for your guests.

Why Marriage/Commitment is Helpful

Marriage is a microcosm of some of our must fundamental endeavors as a humanity.

One of the biggest things people want? To belong.

And one of the biggest things values codes and religions try to teach? How to get along with others. In addition to giving life meaning.  (Whether or not you practice a religion or spirituality, they have influenced culture and the nature of relationships – and ceremonies!)

A Marriage can represent all of this.