The Dynamic Flow: Receive & Give

Life has polarities. And we’re usually flowing in one direction or the other – just like the ocean waves along the shore. One primary polarity: receiving and giving. We need both. We spend our childhood, for the most part, receiving – information, love, learning experiences. And we can, if we choose, with that foundation give back to the world around us what we’ve learned in our own way.  It’s what we’re here to do – to express our Selves – that unique version of life energy and the Empowering Spirit that can only come through you!

And to feel truly fulfilled, I’ve observed that we need receiving and giving on a regular basisWe recharge by receiving touch, or sleep, or healthy food – and then we can give of our rejuvenated, empowered selves.

Practice: Make time each day for some conscious receiving and conscious giving. Choose one thing (at least) that you know nourishes you. Choose one thing that opens your heart and shares it with the world. And keep it simple – perhaps a 1 minute stretch-break to recharge, and sending a friend an email to let her/him know you care.

Practice: Breathe consciously – it’s the simplest receive and give cycle we have. Breathe in fully to receive life energy; breathe out in a relaxed way to give carbon dioxide and other toxins back to the world to nourish plants and be recycled. Breathe 10 times.

Photo: Pacific Ocean, Encinitas, CA (c) 2010 Bob Pileggi