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Every Moment We Are Choosing

You are choosing to read this right now. You are choosing to be where you are. Every waking moment of every day, we are choosing. We are making choices. And even when we (think we) are not choosing what we’re doing, we’re still choosing our reaction to it.

Yes, choosing our reaction. Emotions move through us. Thoughts move through us. And WE CHOOSE which emotions and which thoughts to focus on. Sometimes it seems like they are controlling us. Really, we’re choosing. Don’t believe me? Here’s an example: someone cuts you off in traffic. You feel anger. You make the other person “bad.” You stay angry. Then you’d say, “this jerk cut me off in traffic and made me angry.”  Consider: what if you know that person was trying to get to the hospital to see a loved one who was just injured. Then you might feel compassion and forgiveness for him cutting you off – since he probably didn’t even see you clearly. WE CHOOSE what to focus on.

The more aware we are of what we are choosing, the more likely we are to make more conscious choices in the future, and the more likely we are to CREATE the moment to be more of what we want in life.

Practice: For 5 minutes, or a whole day…whenever you can remember to do so, say to yourself: “I am choosing…” and end the sentence with whatever it is you are actually doing in the moment or feeling. “I am choosing to cook.” “I am choosing to work here.” “I am choosing to feel joy.”