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Inspiration For Being Yourself!

The End of Conditional Love is Within

The love is within. It’s not conditional.

So many of us grew up thinking that love was conditional. On our good behavior. On our doing good for others. on us not “causing trouble.” Sometimes even on our just being invisible – because being visible felt like it made us a target for un-love.


Living at the Edge of Our Bubble

Protective Bubble

We relate to one another through our protective bubbles.

We create a protective bubble around ourselves. That bubble helps us survive and navigate the world. But it also becomes an inhibitor to experiencing what really is in the world, because what we end up experiencing is always through the filter of our bubble. The true experience, therefore, is influenced by our bubble.

Interestingly, the bubble keeps us from fully experiencing ourselves, as well.


The Power of Vulnerability

Brene’ Brown suggests that we see connection – and key to experiencing it is:

* Believing we are worthy of love and connection

* Being vulnerable – being and showing who we really are, rather than some “perfect” self we think we should be. This is a courageous and compassionate way of living.

And I would add – it takes practice.