Yoga Instruction

Embodiment, empowerment, and heart-opening spiritual self-expression – all through one practice!

Bob currently teaches Hatha, Vinyassa yoga with a mindfulness focus – typically for mindfulness and meditation retreats. Bob also incorporates elements of yoga, as appropriate, into psychotherapy and other work with clients.

YOGA IS a practice of “union.” We experience our body more fully (through postures, breathing, and meditation) in order that we may also connect with that which is greater that us. Some call that “greaterness” the divine, others call it love, peace or simply presence. My experience is that whatever people call it, most gain clarity, compassion, gratitude for life, and personal empowerment.

Yoga blends body awareness, conscious breathing, flexibility, strength, endurance and balance. It can be a beautiful practice, accommodating people at any level. For these reasons, it has been fundamental in helping me become comfortable in my body, enjoy it and truly appreciate it.

Practice / Teaching

I practice and teach heart-centered hatha yoga with vinyassa flow. This means that throughout the postures (or “asanas”) the primary focus is always on self-awareness, acceptance and compassion. Vinyassa flow means that at least for part of the class, I guide students through a series of asanas with little or no pause between them. This is not a “Power Yoga” class, but if you choose, the flow can be aerobic.

It’s always “Your Yoga Practice.” I offer variations for varying levels of challenge and familiarity with yoga. You can always choose to take a rest when you need one. And you can ask for assistance. This is a practice of learning to experience and listen to your own body and heart, so I encourage students to follow their internal guidance.

I tend to guide classes as I also do the flow, with some time walking from student to student to offer assistance.

Community Building

I hope to not only help you connect to your own body, mind, heart and spirit – but also to other people in the room. I believe that the energy of a group of people gathered can help raise our consciousness – and that interaction can offer support and joy. Life – and yoga class – is not a competition. Our presence to each other can help us all grow.

Individual / Small Group Instruction

The more we practice, the more effective the practice becomes. And it can be helpful to have the full attention of a guide to support your self-awareness, alignment, and other aspects of practice. I’m happy to arrange individual sessions or for small groups. Working with beginners is very fulfilling and enjoyable for me.

Empowering Groups, Organizations & Businesses

Yoga can be a great way to build community in organizations and businesses. No previous experience is necessary. It helps people be more present in their body, mind and heart – and this can lead to more authentic communication, greater creativity, and higher overall effectiveness.

Consider yoga for staff development, a once a week or month experience, or during group or staff retreats.

Why Yoga?

I love how I feel during and after practicing yoga: present in my body, appreciating it, centered, and energized. As a child I was quite overweight and never comfortable in my body. I started exercising and eating well, and that changed my body. But it wasn’t until I found yoga that my attitude started to change. Yoga helps me really pay attention to my body, listen to it, and be grateful for whatever experience I’m having in it. I’ve even changed my dialog with my body, now being able to say, “Thank you,” and “Yes, relax and open,” rather than metaphorically yelling at my body for not being the way that I want it.

As an Interfaith minister, I also love how yoga is easily adopted by and beneficial to people of different spiritual beliefs.

And, I love the variety of practices incorporated into yoga: body awareness, breath awareness, mental focus, silence (meditation is often part of a class) – as well as strength, flexibility, balance and endurance.

Style: Hatha with Vinyassa Flow


School: Soul of Yoga, Encinitas, CA. 200 Hour certification

Teachers: Tom & Trish Kelly, Yukiko Amaya, Alisha Olivier

Yoga Class Etiquette – Please…

  • Arrive on time
  • Refrain from wearing perfumes
  • Remove shoes and socks
  • Turn off cell phones and beepers
  • Meet your neighbors

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