Spiritual Direction

I’ll walk with you, as you create and discover your own journey.

Spiritual Direction &
Spiritual Life Coaching

Individuals, Couples, Families

Many of us have times in our life that call us to search for deeper meaning in our existence. Sometimes we just want to feel more at peace, or connected with other people and the world around us. Sometimes we want to explore the “greater” meaning of some occurrence or loss in our lives. And sometimes, we just want to be heard or touched in a way that that helps us feel unconditional compassion.

Spiritual counseling can help you explore these concerns and many others.

Spiritual Life Coaching can also involve the development of a personal spiritual practice. Many traditions offer us suggestions for how to get closer to our own understanding or experience of the divine, or oneness, or something or some power greater than our individual selves. I can help you explore different practices from various traditions to help you find one or a mix that are helpful to you. Yes, someone who considers her or himself a Christian can do a Buddhist “loving-kindness” meditation, etc.

Balance is a primary goal as we look at your spiritual life. What aspects of your life do you want to have a greater spiritual experience in? Which aspects to you most easily connect? Through your mind, your body, your emotions, through service, etc.

Just a few examples of practices I can help you explore in mind, heart and body: religious text study; prayer; service & community living; movement (such as yoga and Qi Gong); body care (such as massage with a spiritual focus); voice (chanting, mantra); energy (such as guided visualization or body awareness); silence; journaling and other mind-heart related techniques.

Through training at One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, I have familiarity with and respect for practices and texts from: Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Taoism, Earth-based Traditions, Science of Mind, and other traditions.

Often sessions occur every other week or once a month, in order to provide time for reflection and integration.

Sessions can be in-person or virtual.

Sessions are typically 1-2 hours, depending on how much time in spiritual practice you’d to share. For example, you might enjoy an hour of exploration through talk and silence, and then an hour of Reiki or bodywork to help integrate or further have an experience of what was discussed.

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