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Simple Wisdoms

What? and How? win over Why?

I’ve found that, as I pay more attention to the present moment, the question of “Why?” has become less important.

Why is the sky blue? Why does this flourless chocolate cake taste so good? They can be helpful questions to explore and many such questions have probably launched whole lifetimes of discovery.

But for me, now, I find that I’d rather explore:

What does this cake taste like?


A 2012 World Blessing

May presence open the hearts of men to the love we thought we had to fight for.

May presence open the hearts of women with the power that we already are.

May presence open our eyes to the man, woman, love and power within each of us.

PRACTICE:  Feeling love-less or power-less? Try this 5 minute practice. Stop your day. Breathe for one minute – deep, conscious breaths – that’s about 20 for a minute. Use the other 4 minutes to notice – in what ways is there already love in my life? Or if you’re wanting to experience more power – in what ways do you already have power? If you wish, journal, making a list.

A Call to Awareness

“A Call to Awareness” by Bob Pileggi © 2011

You may have traveled the world.
Can you go into the depths of your heart?
You may have climbed mountains.
Are you at peace being right where you are?
You may have cleaned out your inbox and marked off all your “to do” list.
Did you notice the miracle of the breath you just took?

“I ‘have’ to work late” & Valuing Life

“I have to work late.”

I hear clients say that when they tell me they’re intending to cancel a session.

And I wonder – do you really “have” to work late? Or are you just letting someone else’s desire or request come before your personal health?

And I wonder this authentically. I used to tell myself “I have to work late” all the time when I worked for non-profit organizations. “If I don’t do it, it won’t get done…we’re short staffed and I have to help…only just this once…if I say ‘no thanks’ will my boss fire me?” The versions of “I have to work late” are many.  Ah, to think of all the missed dinners with friends; the missed sunsets; the missed times with my partner. One can not re-do, so I do not regret as much as use those experiences as motivation to not make the same choice again.

My practice (and suggestion) is:


Never “Enough” – Always Now

There is never enough. There’s no such thing as “enough.” There is only what is. There is only how I’m being and what I’m doing in any one moment (and it’s even questionable as to whether or not those are two different things).

I withhold pleasures of life – awaiting a time when I’ve done “enough” work or am good “enough” to deserve them.


Our Inspiring Presence – with Gratitude

When you pass on from life in this body, and people gather to remember you and what they learned from you being in their life, what will they say?

That can be a challenging question to seriously consider – we generally want to avoid the idea. But being honestly aware of it can inspire the way we live. Perhaps we’ll appreciate the moment more, consider sharing more love than hate or gossip, and maybe help others more often.


I Am Creative

A friend said to me: “I’m not very creative, which is why I’m a medical analyst.”

And I thought – you are very creative. Consider all the words you put together to speak  a message to me. Or the food you put together to eat. Oh – and look at how you keep putting one foot in front of another to create a journey. Fancy that.

Every one of us is extremely creative.

How that creativity gets expressed in the world – that’s a different story. (more…)

I Am Alive – Everything Else is a Story

Good – bad, pleasant – unpleasant, right – wrong, happy – sad… Life is filled with polarities of life experience. And what do they have in common? I get to experience them because I’m alive.

I am alive. That’s perhaps the only truth. Everything else just has the meaning (or story) that we give to it. (more…)

Every Day – A Life We Are Creating

What you do on a daily basis adds up. In fact, it creates a life.

What you do once – it has an impact, though small it may be.

What you do day in and day out – that has a much bigger impact. And it gives shape to a life.


Every Moment We Are Choosing

You are choosing to read this right now. You are choosing to be where you are. Every waking moment of every day, we are choosing. We are making choices. And even when we (think we) are not choosing what we’re doing, we’re still choosing our reaction to it.

Yes, choosing our reaction. Emotions move through us. Thoughts move through us. And WE CHOOSE which emotions and which thoughts to focus on. Sometimes it seems like they are controlling us. Really, we’re choosing. Don’t believe me? (more…)