Living at the Edge of Our Bubble

Protective Bubble
We relate to one another through our protective bubbles.

We create a protective bubble around ourselves. That bubble helps us survive and navigate the world. But it also becomes an inhibitor to experiencing what really is in the world, because what we end up experiencing is always through the filter of our bubble. The true experience, therefore, is influenced by our bubble.

Interestingly, the bubble keeps us from fully experiencing ourselves, as well.

If we are living at the edge of our bubble, most of the focus of our attention goes there – to maintaining the bubble. And to alertness at the edge of the bubble. Am I meeting expectations of the world? What is expected of me to fit in? who do I need to protect myself from? How can I be protecting myself right now? What can I do now to please my boss/partner/parent…?

We focus on that edge so much that we lose touch with our inner experience; we lose touch with our body and emotions. We can lose touch even with our own desires, having been swept away into meeting the desires and expectations of others.

As we practice exploration of our inner awareness, I notice we tend to feel less need to protect ourselves. The focus of our energy shifts from protection to growth. From protection to reaching out for authentic communication and collaboration. From desperate self-sufficiency to relationship. As we become more aware of our inner self, we see our loves, our life’s meaning; and we begin to act on them. We tend to feel more empowered, and therefore to need that protective bubble less – though it’s there when we need it.

The bubble becomes more transparent. We see who we are. We express ourselves more authentically. The world sees us more clearly and relates to who we really are. Less bubble; more self expression; more authentic connection; more freedom.

PRACTCE:  Choose a thought or behavior you’re using to create your protective bubble. Pause for a moment. See that thought or behavior surrounding you like a bubble. Breathe, and bring attention from the edge of the bubble to within. Feel a breath in the body. In this spaciousness of your own body-mind-heart, ask if you need this thought or behavior to protect you anymore. The answer maybe yes, or no. But at least you’ve explored and are making a conscious choice. This also tends to feel empowering and freeing.

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