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Never “Enough” – Always Now

There is never enough. There’s no such thing as “enough.” There is only what is. There is only how I’m being and what I’m doing in any one moment (and it’s even questionable as to whether or not those are two different things).

I withhold pleasures of life – awaiting a time when I’ve done “enough” work or am good “enough” to deserve them.

The sensuality of an evening walk in the setting sun and breeze. A job more to my liking. Life partners. What have I given up in lieu of waiting for “enough”? Perhaps you, too?

As long as I’m believing there is such a thing as “enough,” it will never arrive.

So how can I be but receptive to love now? And  what can I do but be here now?

This is the gift of Life – we can always hit the “reset” button on the way we’re thinking. Consider changing your thinking – not to “I am enough” or “I have enough” or “I’m good enough”…rather, to “I am.” Period. “I am – and therefore I get to experience all that life offers. Now.”

Practice: The next time you notice yourself exhausted from working late, or you notice you’re avoiding talking to someone, or know that you’re eating too much…whatever your way of avoiding the present moment is…the next time you realize it – explore your thinking. Are you thinking that you are “not enough”?  Stop what you’re doing. Breathe a few times, and just say to yourself, “I am…here.”