Our Inspiring Presence – with Gratitude

When you pass on from life in this body, and people gather to remember you and what they learned from you being in their life, what will they say?

That can be a challenging question to seriously consider – we generally want to avoid the idea. But being honestly aware of it can inspire the way we live. Perhaps we’ll appreciate the moment more, consider sharing more love than hate or gossip, and maybe help others more often.

I performed a memorial service today for someone who was gay, HIV positive, had cancer, and who spent time in homeless shelters and assisted living. What did people remember? That he was joyful, grateful, and helping others all the time. That’s the light he shared with people. He didn’t get caught in the small stuff – he focused on what he wanted to make of his life as much as possible – what he enjoyed and being able to help others.

So what are you focusing on?

What does your presence inspire in other people?

Practice: Journal for a few minutes on the kinds of things you want people to be able to say about your life at your own memorial. Then make some notes about how you want to be living your life now, or things you can be doing, that would create those comments.