I Am Creative

A friend said to me: “I’m not very creative, which is why I’m a medical analyst.”

And I thought Рyou are very creative. Consider all the words you put together to speak  a message to me. Or the food you put together to eat. Oh Рand look at how you keep putting one foot in front of another to create a journey. Fancy that.

Every one of us is extremely creative.

How that creativity gets expressed in the world – that’s a different story. Some of us create paintings. Some of us create food. Some of us create families. Some of us create medical analyzations.

And what’s more, even when we’re not “doing” something, we’re still creating through our perspective. Yes, what we experience in the world is dependent on how we interpret the stimuli around us. And we are constantly creating interpretations of that stimuli. The more aware we are of that, and what our interpretations are, the more we can consciously create a life we want.

And it’s all important. It’s all a part of the expression of life energy uniquely through us a individuals, which all fits together in an amazingly complex and poetic mosaic of creation we call “Life.”

Go forth and create. Consciously.

Practice: While you are doing an every-day task, bring some consciousness to it and notice what you are creating. Keep finishing the statement, “I am creating…”. For example, while brushing your teeth: “I am creating clean teeth. I am creating vibration. I am creating white foam. I am creating fresh breath…”

Practice: Choose a challenging instance in your life. Take 5 minutes to journal about how you create an experience around it. For example, “When he cut me off in traffic,¬† I created frustration because I thought he should have been more careful. I created the idea that he should have done something other than he did. I created…”