I Am Alive – Everything Else is a Story

Good – bad, pleasant – unpleasant, right – wrong, happy – sad… Life is filled with polarities of life experience. And what do they have in common? I get to experience them because I’m alive.

I am alive. That’s perhaps the only truth. Everything else just has the meaning (or story) that we give to it. For example, before I speak to a group I can notice that my palms are sweaty, my stomach is upset, my face is flushed and my knees are weak. One story I can give to all that is that I’m scared, afraid of failure, probably not good enough – and that maybe I shouldn’t “go on.” Or, I could notice all those physical experiences and choose to see them as expressions of excitement as I do something new and challenging…and then decide confidently walk on stage knowing that I’m here to experience life and share love as best I can.

Practice: The next time you’re feeling anxious or upset, change your story. Ask yourself: what story am I telling myself now? Is there another story that will be more pleasant and/or empowering? Give yourself a deep breath and experience the new story.