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Every Day – A Life We Are Creating

What you do on a daily basis adds up. In fact, it creates a life.

What you do once – it has an impact, though small it may be.

What you do day in and day out – that has a much bigger impact. And it gives shape to a life.

For example, what food do you give your body? Do you eat something with preservatives or other un-natural ingredients? Over a few years, they add up and accumulate in the body, often weighing us down physically and emotionally. Or, do you eat a lot of vegetables, grains and other natural foods? They add up to a health body that feels good.

This applies to our “mental body” as well. Do we exercise thoughts that produce anxiety daily? Over time, we get an anxiety-filled life. Or you could choose to practice joyful anticipation, trusting that Life will provide what you need to get to your next step. This builds a much more joyful journey.

So what do you want to create? A painting? Then paint a few strokes a day and in a few weeks or months – you’ll have your painting. How about a healthy, deep, loving relationship – with a friend or partner? Then DAILY contribute toward that goal with authentic communication or quality time together. Want to be a great basketball or piano player? Then practice your free-throws and scales daily.

What we do repeatedly, day after day, builds our goals and creates our life journey.

  1. CHOOSE your daily actions. All of them.
  2. CHOOSE your goals – what you want to have in a few weeks, months, years or decades.
  3. And then act daily in support of those goals, even if it’s one small action a day over the course of a lifetime.

Practice: NOTICE what you’re doing daily. Once we become aware of what we’re doing daily, we have choice. Instead of doing things and thinking in ways that are rote, begin to choose them consciously.

Practice: CREATE a goal. Set a time you want it achieved. Daily create an action toward that goal. Schedule the time to take that action!