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Transformation Comes Through One Decision at a Time

Change can feel challenging. Especially when we’re making the change of being more of ourselves; expressing ourselves more authentically. We may become overwhelmed with our thoughts about, “What’ll happen if I do this, or that…?” “How will others react?” “What else will I have to change because of this?

Change can bring unknowns. Yes.

AND, there are things that you DO know:

You’re breathing.
You’re thinking.
Your heart is working.
And these things probably mean that you’re alive.
You have food to eat and air to breathe – so you you have support from Life for being alive.
You have folks like me and others you can call on for support.

Yes, you may feel alone. That’s how it sometimes feels inside that shell you’re in the process of growing out of… In a way, yes, you have to break through that shell under your own desire, your own power – no one can do it for you. And yet, think of how many people, me included, are around you right now cheering you on through our presence. We are here. Support is here.

You’ve already broken through many other “shells” to be more of your true self. You were born, for example. And there are probably many other examples. They are all based on steps you chose to take. One by one. You made one decision at a time, then decided what to do next.

In the meantime, you have your breath, your heart working, food and air, and supportive people very nearby.

Focus your thoughts on these things. Focus on gratitude. Calmness will come. And so will the next step that is right for you in the moment.

Practice: When feeling anxiety because of change, spend 5 minutes focusing on your breath. Set a timer and just take deeper than usual breaths, bringing any stray thoughts back to your breathing. The thoughts tend to create the anxiety, so this practice helps to focus your thoughts on what “is” right now – you’re breathing.

Support: Support is available. Know that I’m more than happy to have a phone/skype session with you to lead you through some guided meditation to 1) become more centered, and 2) listen for inner guidance about your next steps.