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May, 2011:

I Am Alive – Everything Else is a Story

Good – bad, pleasant – unpleasant, right – wrong, happy – sad… Life is filled with polarities of life experience. And what do they have in common? I get to experience them because I’m alive.

I am alive. That’s perhaps the only truth. Everything else just has the meaning (or story) that we give to it. (more…)

Every Day – A Life We Are Creating

What you do on a daily basis adds up. In fact, it creates a life.

What you do once – it has an impact, though small it may be.

What you do day in and day out – that has a much bigger impact. And it gives shape to a life.


Every Moment We Are Choosing

You are choosing to read this right now. You are choosing to be where you are. Every waking moment of every day, we are choosing. We are making choices. And even when we (think we) are not choosing what we’re doing, we’re still choosing our reaction to it.

Yes, choosing our reaction. Emotions move through us. Thoughts move through us. And WE CHOOSE which emotions and which thoughts to focus on. Sometimes it seems like they are controlling us. Really, we’re choosing. Don’t believe me? (more…)

Transformation Comes Through One Decision at a Time

Change can feel challenging. Especially when we’re making the change of being more of ourselves; expressing ourselves more authentically. We may become overwhelmed with our thoughts about, “What’ll happen if I do this, or that…?” “How will others react?” “What else will I have to change because of this?

Change can bring unknowns. Yes.

AND, there are things that you DO know:

You’re breathing.
You’re thinking.
Your heart is working.
And these things probably mean that you’re alive.
You have food to eat and air to breathe – so you you have support from Life for being alive.
You have folks like me and others you can call on for support.

Yes, you may feel alone. That’s how it sometimes feels inside that shell you’re in the process of growing out of… (more…)

How Do I Love Myself? Let Me Count the Ways!

Yes. Start noticing how you love yourself, and how you don’t. There are many vehicles for loving ourselves –

  • Body self-care such as conscious eating and exercise, receiving touch
  • Relationships that are mutually supportive and nurturing
  • Challenging ourselves to grow
  • Consciously managing our finances…

And perhaps one of the biggest ways to love ourselves? Through our thinking… (more…)

Everyday, All Day, Do Your Best

Truly and honestly, do your best. Because at the end of the day, you’re the one you have to live with. And isn’t knowing that you gave 100% a lot more fulfilling than otherwise? And really, in the last few moments of your life, won’t it be great to feel the peace of knowing you spent a lifetime of giving 100%?

And giving 100% is not about exhausting yourself. It’s about knowing you did your best to work toward your goals for the day, for your life. It’s about knowing that you did your best to live up to your OWN values. It’s about knowing that you did your best to love.

Practice: At the end of your day, make a brief mental inventory of your day and honor what you DID do to support your goals and values. Honor yourself in this way!