Psychotherapy, mindfulness
and mind-body practices
to find ease, courage and connection
during life’s challenges & transitions.

We can create new ways of being with life to feel more ease, more skillful, and more confident with managing life.

We can experience all the vibrant beauty life has to offer. We can be vibrant.

My experience suggests this comes through deepening our most fundamental relationship: with our self in this moment.

Once we can be more fully with who we are right now and what life is presenting us, it’s actually often easier to move forward into new possibilities.

This is what I’ll aim to support you with.

Thanks for exploring the possibilities with me.

I’ll look forward to getting to know you –


December 24-29, 2023
Join us for a 5-day silent retreat in the Berkshires at the Isabella Freedman Retreat Center. Mindfulness. Yoga. Nature. Nourishing food. A wonderful way to recharge, as well gain clarity and calm as you prepare for a new year.