Meditation & Mindfulness Coaching

For Individuals, Couples/Families & Groups

Meditation is the practice of focusing attention. Almost any thing or action can be the object of the focus of our attention: the experience of breathing, working, reading, walking, guided visualization.

Practicing meditation on a regular basis literally changes our brain structure and increases our ability to focus as well as experience more ease in life.

Group meditation can be helpful in organizational and corporate settings to:

  • increase focus & clarity
  • increase problem-solving capacity
  • reduce stress

Mindfulness is a particular kind of meditation in which we focus attention on the present moment experience, which is different than a meditation which invites to focus on imagination, for example, as in a guided visualization. Both have helpful benefits.

MBSR, or Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction, is an 8-week course that teaches the fundamental practices of mindfulness and provides support for incorporating mindfulness into daily life.

Mindfulness & MBSR details here!

I’ll help you find a meditation practice that suits your current life conditions and goals.

Use meditation to:

  • decrease anxiety & increase ease in life
  • cope with life’s challenges
  • cultivate compassion or other experiences you want more of
  • open to a sense of higher purpose and meaning

Meditation Benefits

  • reduces anxiety
  • lowers blood pressure
  • increases circulation
  • decreases symptoms of chronic pain and insomnia
  • reduces relapse among those who break addictions or have chronic depression*

And Mindfulness Meditation has been shown to increase the ability to **:

  • focus & concentrate (increasing achievement)
  • experience calm & self-awareness
  • problem-solve
  • plan
  • remember
  • respond in emotionally
  • appropriate ways
  • experience empathy for others
  • have effective social behavior
  • resolve conflicts

Some kinds of meditations that I have facilitated include:

  • Breath awareness meditation
  • Conscious breathing meditation
  • Eating meditation
  • Body Awareness
  • Walking Meditation
  • Getting in touch with the 5 senses as a meditation
  • Meditative Touch
  • Guided visualization (to help you explore a question or achieve a goal)

* Gamow, David and Karen. Freedom from Stress. Glenbridge Publishing. 2006.

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