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Laughter Yoga

Rejuvenate your life or your group’s creativity and teamwork!
Customized for individuals or groups!

Tired of life the way it is?
Feel anxious or overwhelmed?

Well, start laughing!

Laughter Yoga, now done by millions daily, is a healthy, joy-inducing exercise based on scientific principles and the simple truth that children know: laughter makes you feel better.

Laughter is a form of conscious breathing which can reduce stress, increase energy, strengthen breathing muscles and focus the mind on the present moment.

Our bodies were built to laugh.

And in laughter yoga classes, we will laugh just because we can – without even needing something funny to laugh at.

In the process you’ll learn simple tools (laughing, breathing, centering) you can use on your own to reduce stress and reconnect to the joy of being alive!

This class will include: body-opening yoga asanas for the laughing muscles, pranayama, brain hemisphere balancing, raucous laughter and deep relaxation.

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