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Inspirational Speaking

People remember how they felt and what they experienced, more than what was said.

I custom-create talks based on your group’s desired topic or current situation. Most of my “talks” are more like experiences. I rarely will talk in a monologue style unless I’ve specifically been asked to. I generally involve my audience by: asking questions; inviting people to pair up and talk; guiding experiences in small groups; and inviting people to speak out loud their thoughts and feelings to others in the group. My experience has been that this makes for a much more interesting, lively, educational and meaningful experience.

Typical situations in which I might offer a “talk”:

  • Workplaces
  • Schools
  • Professional Trainings
  • Social, civil rights, and community organizations
  • “Sermons” for spiritual congregations or gatherings of any tradition (Interfaith, Unitarian, UCC, etc.)

Topics I’m intimately familiar with or have spoken about previously:

  • Living Mindfully
  • Finding gratitude for life & vitality
  • Finding peace and in a “busy world”
  • Finding meaning in life and work
  • Interfaith – It’s meaning and purpose
  • Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender civil rights
  • LGBT Spirituality
  • Community Living
  • Compassionate Living