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Breath Coaching

Feeling alive, empowered, connected and more loving is just a breath away!

Why Breathe?

“Breathwork,” or conscious, connected breathing is a powerful tool that you can easily integrate into your life to:

  • Relax (get a handle on and reduce stress!)
  • Feel more energy and aliveness
  • Truly integrate painful stories and emotions in a meantinful way, reducing their impact on your current life
  • Feel connected to yourself and others
  • Connect with your higher power/guidance
  • Increase personal awareness by being more present.

Therapeutic Sessions (for Individuals & Groups)

Transformational Breathwork is done in individual and group sessions. More deeply effective work tends to happen in individual sessions (of approximately 2 hours) – 5 to 7 minimum – are recommended every 1 to 3 weeks.

During individual and group sessions which I facilitate, I generally provide:

  • Guidance on taking a full, healthy diaphragmatic breath.
  • Practices to use full breathing daily to help be present, reduce stress, and experience life more.
  • Information on how breathing is connected to the state of your body, mind, heart and spirit
  • Coaching on transforming some aspect of your life
  • And time using the Transformational Breathwork technique.

The continuous breathing produces a change in the state of body and mind (because of the increased oxygen in your system). This often leads to a meditative state in which old, held emotions can be released, current behaviors or thinking patterns can be seen from a new perspective, and/or higher guidance becomes more easily accessible.

Conscious Breathing, Conscious Living

Becoming aware of your breath and breathing consciously builds your practice of presence. There’s not much more “now” than your breathing!

Oxygen provides most of the energy you need to live (some say 70%). The more you breathe, the more energy you’ll have.

Breath – breathing – “in-spiration” – is connecting to Spirit. (The word for breath in Greek is “spiritus.”) The energy that air provides your body also feeds your soul and connection to Spirit. And for many people this also means feeling more guided, connected to others, and grateful for life.

More details about the effects of conscious breathing can be found at The Power of Breath Institute.

Rebirthing & Holotropic Breathwork

The “Transformational Breathwork” I facilitate is related to “Rebirthing” and “Holotropic” breathwork techniques. Transformational Breathwork combines several of the most effective strategies and tools from each of those other techniques.

Transformational Breathwork tends to differ in these ways (and others):

  • I provide guidance on full, healthy diapragmatic breathing and using it in your daily life as well as during the breathwork session;
  • I provide physical interventions to help clients breath more fully (for example, gentle hand placement on the client’s body)
  • Music is often used as an aid to the effectiveness of the breathing
  • Transformational work tends to happen more often in individual sessions

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