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Conscious Embodiment

Our life experience is dependent upon our physical being – without which we wouldn’t be able to know our thoughts or feel our emotions. Connecting to and through our bodies is a fundamental aspect of life (babies need touch in order to survive, and it helps adults feel connected) – and yet so many of us are judgmental about our body, are uncomfortable in it, or have lost touch with it for a host of reasons.

Re-integration of our physical experience through conscious embodiment supports our sense of wholeness and well-being. I support conscious embodiment through a variety of practices. As a licensed massage therapist, yoga instructor, Reiki practitioner and breathwork facilitator, my training  supports clients with increasing awareness of sensations in the body along with the self-acceptance and compassion that can help clients take next steps toward increased health. As we increase consciousness of our body, we become more sensitive to the information that it can provide about our emotional and mental states. This helps us notice challenges before they become overwhelming. And simply speaking, helps us relax before we get overly stressed out!

Conscious embodiment with couples can help increase a sense of connection and intimacy. Touch can convey emotions and intentions, and I support couples in learning how to share touch with more conscious intention. It can be as simple as inviting couples to hold hands while conveying challenges to maintain a sense of connection even while there seems to be emotional distance. Or perhaps learning how to convey reassurance through simple hand placements.

While most of this conscious embodiment work with clients now takes place in a psychotherapeutic and mindfulness context (i.e. talk-focused) , I do also maintain licensure that allows me to conduct touch-focused sessions: Swedish and deep-tissue massage;  and energywork (very light, gentle touch) in the form of Reiki and Therapeutic Touch. I incorporate conscious breathing into all this work. Connected breathing is a powerful tool that you can easily integrate into your life to relax, feel more energy, feel more connected to yourself and others, and integrate challenging experiences in a meaningful way.

I am a member of ABMP (Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals), with professional-level bodywork training. Massage Therapy License in the state of Pennsylvania #005028.

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