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Bodywork & Energywork

Touch is my primary way of experiencing and sharing compassion and love. Touch, for me, is about communicating with one another, about connecting with some “thing” greater than ourselves. And it’s about connecting with this moment through the sensations in our bodies. My hope is to help you feel present in your body, to reconnect to a sense of compassion for your body, and to experience well-being in your body.

Because of this, my body and energy work tend to be intutive, even though I have formal training in particular protocols. Each session is custom-tailored to you, your body, your current emotional and life experiences, and your goals for the session. Generally plan on 90 minutes for a session, even for 60 minutes of bodywork, as we’ll spend time at the beginning reviewing what’s going on for you now, as well as debriefing about what happens for you during the course of session.

I am a member of ABMP (Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals), with professional-level bodywork training.


Deep-tissue Massage: I am certified in B.A.S.I.C. (Body And Spirit Integrated Consciously) Massage. This is a full-body massage with the purpose of relieving muscle tension, increasing freedom of movement, and increasing energy/circulation flow. The strokes tend to be deep, long, and slow, helping to release myofascial constriction and tension at muscle-bone junctions that Swedish and other lighter techniques do not address. Read more, including frequently asked questions…

Swedish & Intuitive Massage: This bodywork is flowing and less deep than BASIC Massage. Its long strokes cover more surface area of the body at a faster, but still relaxing pace. Unlike BASIC, which primarily uses just the hands to massage, during a Swedish session I also use my forearms and elbows. People generally experience this session as relaxing and freeing – welcome and at home in their bodies once again. Primary benefits generally include relaxation, general muscle tension release, and improved circulation.

Best of Both Worlds: I am happy to combine techniques, working deeper and lighter depending on your needs and goals! I often include gentle stretching in both techniques. However, for the great effects of the BASIC Massage, consider a full session for it alone.

Energy Work

We are made of energy. Our thoughts, our emotions, even our physical building blocks (muscles, bones, etc.) are forms of energy. And the energy of “who we are” extends beyond our skin; for example, we can feel our heat a few inches away from us. Many of us experience imbalances of energy in our body, This energy work aims to help us regain balance, which often is experienced as greater health and well-being. Energy work also is helpful in becoming more self-aware and conscious of our body. Over time, as we become more conscious, we are able to more quickly notice areas of tension (or energy block) before they become debilitating.

Reiki & Therapeutic Touch

I often combine both of these techniques, which can involve gentle touch and/or bringing my hands close to your body. They can be performed with or without the client being clothed. Sessions are generally 60 minutes, but plan on at least 75 for talk-time before and after.

Simply speaking, I believe that two primary things are happening during an energy work session:

1. I focus my attention on the universal flow of energy around and through us. I also focus on our well-being and on improved balance of energy and its flow. I believe that my focused attention, or thoughts, can be experienced by the client. Remember – energy is flowing around, in and through us. Thoughts are energy. And my thoughts can possibly impact the flow of energy in your body. (Have you ever walked in to a room and had “the sense” of what people had been talking about? A sense of joyful energy, or tension from an argument?)

2. Many people believe that bringing our attention to a particular part of the body increases the blood flow there. This increases the exchange of nutrients and toxins, which can lead to greater health. When I, as the practitioner, place my hands on or near a part of your body, you can become consciously aware of that part of your body. From that point of awareness, your body begins to rebalance itself!

Book Bodywork/Energywork

Couple’s Coaching

Perfect for the couple (or two friends/relatives) that would like to learn simple massage and energy work techniques to share with each other. We’ll practice together offering compassionate, intentional, heart-centered touch for the purpose of connecting more deeply and giving the gift of love and attention through touch. I have facilitated several retreats and workshops guiding others through intentional touch, and it is a wonderfully fulfilling experience for me as well!

Our session will be custom-tailored to your level of experience, and might include:

  • Demonstration of basic massage and energy work techniques.
  • Basic breathing techniques to improve the effectiveness of the body and energy work.
  • Encouragement of our innate ability to touch with caring intent, with guidance around anatomy and what.
  • A four-handed massage for each partner with one partner mirroring my movements.
  • A time after the touching to share verbally about the experience (if words are able to come to mind after such a sweet experience!)