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Discover what limits you. Practice what frees you.

These individual services aim to establish deeper relationship with:

  • your body, mind, heart and spirit;
  • your vibrant, inner strength and guidance;
  • the unconditional internal support that frees your self-expression
  • and that frees you to connect authentically with others!

Clinically Proven to be Helpful

Meditation, yoga, bodywork, and breath practices have all been clinically demonstrated to be helpful in reducing challenges such as anxiety and to increase a sense of well-being, ease, and connection.

Fundamental Philosophies

Your answers are within – for greater ease of living and harmony with life and others.
These services help to reconnect you to that inner awareness.

Body, mind, heart & spirit are intimately interconnected.
A session (for individuals or groups) may include practices or therapies that address opening and empowering multiple areas of being.

Change comes through:

  • Awareness of ways of being that no longer work for you.
  • Wanting to change – making it a “must.”
  • Envisioning a new way of being.
  • Acting and thinking in ways that support the new way of being.
  • Being with others who are also changing.
  • Guidance/Mentoring from others who’ve also changed in similar ways.
  • Celebrating each time we act and think in a way that supports our new way of being.

On-going practice on your own is highly encouraged.
I offer simple, individualized practices to support YOUR desired growth and change. You’ve spent a lot of time creating your current state of being and thinking. Changing consciousness from tired to vibrant, or anxious to joyful, afraid to empowered…takes time and practice. We have to re-condition ourselves. It’s like exercise – the effects are cumulative. Over time, our state of health improves. The same goes for states of consciousness. We notice the old ways when we’re in them, and practice enacting new ways of being, thinking, and doing.

Authentic connection with others comes through:

  • Establishing “safe” space to be ourselves.
  • Permission to express ourselves freely.
  • Sharing a common experience or challenge.
  • Focusing on our similarities.
  • Focusing on our common goals.
  • Witnessing each others’ challenges, growth and triumphs.
  • Supporting each other through challenges and growth.
  • Creative, right-brain-focused activities that get us connecting outside the boundaries of our normal left-brained interactions (thinking about things, talking about them, problem-solving).

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
Albert Einstein said that. And that’s why I help get people see and GET OUT of their normal patterns so that they can discover a new perspective and access the inner guidance that leads to the next step in growth, health, and fulfillment.