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Bob teaches practices (see modalities) – customizing them for you – that can be used on a daily basis to strengthen your capacity to experience life with more ease and harmony.

As we learn to truly be with challenges and changes, rather than avoid them, we can grow a sense of inner calm.

The more fully we experience ourselves – body, mind, heart and inspiration – we discover:

  • inner strength & resilience,
  • inner wisdom to deal with challenges,
  • possibilities for compassionate action, and
  • opportunities for creative collaboration with others.

Bob Pileggi facilitates deep relationship to ourselves and others for greater well-being, ease and harmony in our life and relationships.

Bob offers guidance, healing and teaching through custom sessions, classes, retreats and rituals honoring life transitions.

Bob works with individuals, couples and community and business groups both in-person and via the phone and web.

FOSTERING MALE RELATIONSHIPS: In a world where emotional and physical violence is all too common between men, Bob has a special focus on facilitating self-awareness and well-being for men in the hope of fostering greater harmony, understanding and collaborative relationship between men.

Self-awareness is the essential foundation for authentic self-expression and connection with others.

This is why we’re committed to empowering individuals, families and groups
with techniques clinically proven to reduce stress and anxiety,
and to increase self-awareness and empathy.

1. With SAFETY, guided mindfulness and conscious embodiment techniques (such as yoga and breathing) we open to who and how we really are in mind, body and heart.
BENEFITS: Ability to be ourselves, in our life as it is, with less stress.

This gives us…

2. FREEDOM to make choices based on self-awareness rather than unthinking, habitual responses to the world.
BENEFITS: We can express ourselves authentically in the world through our words and actions. We create the life and relationships we desire.

As we are authentically ourselves, we are open to…

3. CONNECTION. Mindfulness-based communication and team-building experiences facilitate creativity, enthusiasm, and collaboration.
BENEFITS: Mindfulness increases our experience of empathy and abilities to resolve conflict and problem-solve. Since mindfulness also increases focus, concentration, and the ability to plan, families, organizations, and businesses – any situation where people are attempting to work together toward a goal – can benefit.

All of this is founded on the growth of individual self-awareness, which can be accomplished alone or in a group setting concurrently with the relational and productivity benefits of mindfulness.

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