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Why I Started

In my late 20s I wanted:

  • more meaning to life
  • more authentic relationships
  • to feel ALIVE – excited and grateful to be alive
  • to enjoy my body more

And this started me on a conscious spiritual journey with Sacred Center in New York City, psychotherapy, and a series of growth experiences listed on my About Bob page.

After 10 years of EXPERIENCING more life and learning from others, I now believe that:

  • the meaning of life is whatever we want it to be.
  • authenticity with others comes after being truly present and honest with myself.
  • true joy and vibrancy for life grow from within – not from depending on external sources.
  • it all takes practice – daily.
  • it all comes by maintaining fundamentals: breathing, moving, being, gratitude…
  • it takes action and experience, not just talking and thinking.

I feel compelled to share my experiences with others, to inspire others to make change and to find that Source within of vibrant, authentic living.

I’m just a guide. The Source is in you.

Let’s enjoy the journey of reconnecting to it!