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WEDDING: “Thank you so much for being with us and for us. It was a very special, wonderful ceremony. All of us, not only we, but all the family and friends were deeply touched.

During such a short time you managed to get know a lot about us, our dreams and desires, our strength and craziness, our fears and limitations…you created a really meaningful and moving celebration!

Not only that, we feel also grateful for the chance to have met you as a person, with your warmth and kindness, delicacy and sense of humor.”

About this Wedding: An intimate, inter-cultural wedding that focused on their shared Jewish heritage, as well as their individual Russian and French nationalities, and their hopes for continued growth as individuals and as a couple. The groom’s family joined us from Paris via a webcam!

“Thank you for your time, warmth and ability to help us find our path.” ~ Conrado

“Thanks again for all of your attention. You took a great deal of time to make sure I understood things, and to make me totally comfortable.” ~ John

“Simply delicious! Can’t wait until next time.” ~ Carolyn

“I noticed a dramatic improvement in my posture. Excellent work.” ~ Billy

“Wonderful massage – I fell asleep!” ~ John

“Your hands are powerfully strong, and yet so sensitive. They feel wonderful!” ~ Lou

“Thank you so so much. I am feeling amazing, it is like you rearranged all of my parts, and put me back together better!! I am really feeling good – my friend remarked how much more relaxed I looked and I feel it as well. I found I slept really well and much more peacefully for the past two night. Today was good and I actually felt more positive, and together. I find I am much more clear thinking today. I must say your techniques are fantastic, your hands transmitted something to me that is hard to describe, it felt like warmth, but was more than that, more like something that made my body respond. I have had a lot of massages, and never felt something as positive from the massage. With many warm thanks, Steven.”

“I felt great after the session. It was very relaxing, and kind of amazing. It was almost like I could feel an energy transfer anyplace you touched. I’d really like to thank you for the time you took with me. Your pre-session explanation and post-session debrief were big plusses.” ~ John

“A quick note to say, thank you, for the massage last night. I actually slept until my alarm went off; very unusual for me. Although my back is still bothering me this morning, it isn’t as bad.” ~ DB

“First of all, I have only nice things to say about you. You are kind compassionate and very caring. It is clear you are on a spiritual journey and I appreciated our time together.I feel calm and the session was great.” ~ Bob

Blog posting about laughter yoga: Flotation Devices: Staying Afloat by Finding the Flow   10/16/11
“…just an hour of ho, ho, ha-ha-ha’ing and laughing without reason opened me up from my core to my head….I felt all kinds of wonderful pops and cracks throughout my spine and neck as the muscles around them relaxed and warmed up. For someone so intrigued by pranayama practice, I was thrilled to work with the breath in such a unique way–standing and moving and laughing–not necessarily sitting in lotus pose and doing ujayii breath for 20 minutes straight.”