A Call to Awareness

“A Call to Awareness” by Bob Pileggi © 2011

You may have traveled the world.
Can you go into the depths of your heart?
You may have climbed mountains.
Are you at peace being right where you are?
You may have cleaned out your inbox and marked off all your “to do” list.
Did you notice the miracle of the breath you just took?
You may have earned more money than you could have dreamed of.
Can you look poverty in the eye with compassion?
You may have a few thousand facebook friends.
Can you look one of them in the eye and be completely at ease?
You may have been married for 25 years.
Do you truly share your lives?
Travels, money, things you do, people you know…
They build a life of experiences.
And all lead to only one time and place. Here and now.
So, I ask – not out of challenge or judgment – but as a call to awareness –
Not because of your experiences – but rather through them –
can you sit with yourself, here and now, and choose love?

PRACTICE: Give your body 10 conscious breaths. With each breath, choose one thing to be grateful for.

One Reply to “A Call to Awareness”

  1. Dear Bob ~

    It’s such a pleasure to meet you here on your website. You have a glow that shines through your photo! A friend referred me to you and I see that we are walking very similar paths. If you’re ever in the Cleveland/Akron area (heck, even if it’s Columbus) I’d love to catch up with you and share a cup of coffee or a meal ~ I have a feeling that we would discover a kindred spirit between us.

    Regardless of whether we ever meet in person, thank you for this beautiful website and all the gorgeous work you do.


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