How Do I Love Myself? Let Me Count the Ways!

Yes. Start noticing how you love yourself, and how you don’t. There are many vehicles for loving ourselves –

  • Body self-care such as conscious eating and exercise, receiving touch
  • Relationships that are mutually supportive and nurturing
  • Challenging ourselves to grow
  • Consciously managing our finances…

And perhaps one of the biggest ways to love ourselves? Through our thinking… Our mind is constantly thinking. Do you think more about what you or others are doing wrong? What’s “bad”?

Or are you noticing what is going well? What you or others have accomplished? What you’re grateful for?

Create a “mental field” of loving thought for yourself and others by minding what you are thinking and consciously cultivating supportive, loving thoughts about yourself and others.

Practice: For 5 minutes, journal stream-of-consciousness. Just write whatever comes to mind. After 5 minutes, make note of how you feel. Then for 5 minutes, journal about what you love about yourself, others in your life, or what you’re grateful for. Then make a note of how you feel. I bet you’ll feel more empowered after the second 5 minutes!