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April, 2011:

The Dynamic Flow: Receive & Give

Life has polarities. And we’re usually flowing in one direction or the other – just like the ocean waves along the shore. One primary polarity: receiving and giving. We need both. We spend our childhood, for the most part, receiving – information, love, learning experiences. And we can, if we choose, with that foundation give back to the world around us what we’ve learned in our own way.  It’s what we’re here to do – to express our Selves – that unique version of life energy and the Empowering Spirit that can only come through you!

And to feel truly fulfilled, I’ve observed that we need receiving and giving on a regular basis(more…)

Gratitude is the beginning of the journey, not just the end.

Become more hopeful, creative and inspired in any situation simply by becoming grateful. Find something to be grateful for NOW, in this current situation, and you immediately raise yourself out of it for a new perspective on things. When we build a life of giving thanks, we discover more and more to be thankful for. And this makes for a more hopeful life journey. One in which we believe we CAN create what we dream of. And that journey of creation begins with gratitude – now.

Practice: Spend 3 minutes a day – every day – bringing to mind and heart things for which you are grateful. Anything – your health; that you can see; friends; food you have to eat; desires for change. Just get in the state of gratitude. Think it in your mind. Feel it in your body.

Practice: Journal your gratitudes for 3 minutes a day. Think them and feel them.

Photo: Paraglider, Lima, Peru. (c) 2008 Bob Pileggi